Saturday, December 5, 2020

The First Week

I know enough about working out with weights to know that I would have to really take it easy for a while. When starting back up again, you're not just dealing with weak muscles but also with connective tissue that needs to get used to workouts. Just because your muscles can handle putting on more weight doesn't mean your tendons and ligaments can. So, I'm using weights that I used to warm up with, as expected. Still, even I was surprised at how little I am squatting.

I ride my bike a lot and I know my legs and calves are strong. However, cycling strong is not the same as squatting strong because the muscles are used differently. So I'm using warm-up weights there, too.

I am getting used to everything again. Moving the long pins in the cage as I setup for squats, then bench. The breathing while lifting. Getting my feet setup just right for squats. During the bench press I now put a pillow under my head because it doesn't like the position it's in (I can't have my head flat when I'm laying down or I get a dizzy-like feeling). It's all coming back to me.

I never lifted very heavy weights. I have long arms and legs so those long levers aren't an advantage in sheer pounds. So I could max just over 200# on the bench press and about 315# squatting, as I recall. However, I was a heck of a lot stronger then than I am now. I will be glad to get some grip strength back, too. Slowly but surely.

My workout is super simple. Three sets (after warm-up) of (all weights are just what's on the bar):

  • Squats: 6x60
  • Bench press: 8x40
  • Barbell curls: 8x30

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